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how to add a saved world to a server

What I would like to do is add another world and be able to port between both, one that I have saved from a spigot server I run. On Spigot, I had mods to allow for multiple worlds (as I am sure you are all aware) and am wondering if this is possible on FTB. I am ... More

how to buy a house before selling yours uk

A quick house sale provider offers to buy a property or to find a third party to buy it quickly, and usually at a discount. If you're considering selling your home using one of these firms, you should be careful. ... More

how to choose a good builder

3. Establish whether you need a specialist or just a general builder. A really good general builder is suitable unless the work in question is unusual. ... More

how to draw a line through words google drive

3/02/2010 · For Presentation Docs (power point) the best thing I've found is to open a new doc (word document) and format it there. Then copy and paste the text into the presentation doc. ... More

how to connect my windows phone 8.1 to pc

Connect your Windows Phone to the PC using the provided USB cable. Now, copy and paste the MP3 files into the Music folder on your phone. For the purpose of demonstration, I’ve created 2 folders Oldies and Pop to store the MP3 files separately. Now, right click on one of the folders and select Create Playlist. Specify a name for the playlist and press Enter. Note: Even though you’ve ... More

how to clean triops tank

Lay a paper towel flat over the oily water surface, holding the edge of the paper towel with your fingers. Let the paper towel soak up the water and scum for a few seconds, and then peel it back and up, like you would for a sticker. ... More

how to mute mic in call of duty

4/11/2016 · Mute Players – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has finally arrived and the multiplayer is as competitive as can be. While in an online public match, you might not ... More

how to become a missionary

How to Become a Missionary. Romeo L. del Rosario (Romy) is a Global Ministries missionary serving as country director of the United Methodist Mission in Cambodia. ... More

how to connect using wps button

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) allows you to connect your wireless devices to your router with the push of a button. If your router supports WPS, it will have a WPS button with one of the logos below. On some routers the logo may be printed on the bottom or on the side, and you may have to access the ... More

how to clean kettle with clr

1/4 tsp baking soda. Be ready- its going to start foaming up! Use a bigger container or mix over your sink. Or- sprinkle baking soda directly on your faucet first, then wipe down with this mixture. ... More

how to make video call samsung 4g

And make sure that your new video calling app is also one of the best messenger apps! BBM [Price: Free with in-app purchases] BBM has had a lot of ups and downs since it was released a few years ... More

how to become an archaeologist in usa

Like the idea of working outside? Enjoy history? Love watching Time Team? So you thought, study Archaeology, go on various digs around the world, become Indiana Jones and live the dream. ... More

how to build a facebook app

Many of the apps are designed on the app website after you sign up, and then installed later onto your Facebook page when you’re ready. Things You Should Know There are a few important details about Facebook apps that will help with your design. ... More

limechat how to add authentication

Specific server to add On the Server tab, click Add and fill in as above. SSLFP/SASL External is supported under the SSL tab for loading the cert and change the Login Method accordingly. ... More

how to connect my turntable to my receiver via equaliser

I am having difficulties using my turntable connected to any of the audio inputs even AUX. Not all receivers have a built-in “phono” input. If your receiver does not have an input labeled “Phono” you will need to purchase a phono pre-amplifier in order to connect a turntable to this unit. ... More

how to connect 3d printed parts broken into pieces

Quickparts offers designers and engineers a variety of options for rapid prototyping, 3D printed design iterations, proof of concept development, and fit testing. 3D Systems Quickparts 3D printing service offers both metal and plastic 3D printing technologies in as little as 24 hours. ... More

how to call from computer

Skype, Google and many other services have been offering free computer-to-computer calling for years, but now Google is taking on Skype in computer-to-phone calling. ... More

how to become an rto

Becoming a plumber is a rewarding trade, equipping you with skills that will make you employable in an industry that is always in high demand. Being a plumber means you Becoming a plumber is a rewarding trade, equipping you with skills that will make you employable in an industry that is always in high demand. Being a plumber means you possess the ability to perform several tasks ... More

how to create a windows 10 usb boot

... More

how to become a professional nature photographer

A nature photographer uses photography equipment, like cameras and different lenses, to capture photographs of different types of nature scenes. Besides focusing on just nature scenes in general, many photographers will also specialize in photographing specific subjects in nature as well. ... More

how to add netflix to windows media center 7

vmcNetflix is intended to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center by allowing it to access, play or download NetFlix movies. ... More

how to create a map using google maps

So much so that it is used in the next six ways to use Google Maps. My Maps allows you to create maps not just read and use them. All of a sudden we become digital map creators and the possibilities become endless. 5 ways to use My Maps in the classroom. 5. Video Tour. Using My Maps students could add markers along a route of say..Ferdinand Magellan. Students could create videos, or ... More

how to format a drive through cmd prompt

How to format USB to NTFS / exFAT / FAT / FAT32 using Command Prompt? Step 1: Plug in the memory stick into your computer and allow it to be detected. Step 2: Open Command Prompt (Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt or Start -> Run -> type cmd -> Enter) ... More

the sims 4 how to become playful

How to Get and Play the Road to Fame Mod in The Sims 4. The time has finally come for you and your Sim of choice to become the social media celebrity you always knew you were destined to be. ... More

how to build raised garden beds bunnings

How to build a veggie garden ; How to choose the right plant for the right place ; How to build a vertical garden Raised Garden Bed 1200mm x 450mm x 450mm Slate . $83.00. Buy Now. Hexies 2.00m x 0.55m x 0.40m Garden Bed Paperbark . $109.00. Buy Now . Garden Space Raised Garden Bed ... More

how to add ir library to arduino

You need to manually add IR Library to Arduino IDE as it is not included by default. You can ignore it if you already added it. Otherwise you can do following steps for … ... More

how to become a professional organizer uk

To get started immediately, knowing where to start, what training, or certifications you may need when determining how to become a professional organizer, another excellent place to start is Born to Organize by Sara Pedersen. You can find the best possible fundamental guidelines as to how to run your business properly, how to treat your clients, the proper way to deal with touchy situations. ... More

how to clean android phone

How to safely clean your Android device The best method for cleaning the phone case depends on the materials used. You can be relatively aggressive with a plastic back, especially if you have ... More

how to delete photos from instagram library

22/02/2017 · Sometimes one photo just doesn't tell the whole story. That's why Instagram has just introduced a new feature where you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in a … ... More

how to clear cookies on samsung galaxy s5

How do i clear the cache history or cookies on inter browser delete browsers history on your samsung galaxy s5 mini chrome clear browsing options how do i clear the … Skip to content Best Description and Photos History Uppimage.Org ... More

how to create name tags in word

Kids love seeing their name cards up on your classroom word wall. Use the free templates in to make your own name cards. Kids will enjoy using the name cards for a variety of literacy activities. ... More

how to become an airline pilot in melbourne

Cheapest way to become an airline pilot is either through an airline sponsored program or through the military. But the military route will mean you won’t become an airline pilot quickly. Another great route is to get your commercial pilot license and then become a flight instructor to build your hours, experience and get paid while doing so. If you are looking for the best offer for getting ... More

how to delete a work apra

APRA will remove its benchmark for interest-only residential mortgage lending from the first of 2019 following a reduction in higher risk loan creation. ... More

how to clear a xbox 360 hard drive

21/02/2015 · Hi i'm new to the forums and just a couple months back my 360 hard drive got corrupted and I couldn't play Watch Dogs, since then I have been using my old hard drive which only has 13GB. ... More

how to pick what car to buy

31/10/2018 An important part of car shopping is having a quality experience with the dealership you choose to buy or lease from. Read online reviews of local car dealerships to see scores, stats, and buyer experiences. Opt for a long-running dealership as longevity is usually a sign of quality service and customer satisfaction. ... More

how to treat an infected cut that is closed

Everyday Foot Problems. by Michael King How to Treat an Infected Toenail . Prev NEXT . Ingrown toenails are an unpleasant source of nail distress, and if left untreated, they may progress to an infected toenail. Even if your toenails are in excellent condition, a toenail may become painful due to injury: You've dropped something on it or you've bruised it by stubbing it or banging it ... More

how to catch regirock platinum

regirock, registeel, regice. This page contains Pokemon Platinum, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru, Page 5 This page contains Pokemon Platinum, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru, Page 5 Pokemon Platinum Q&A ... More

how to choose how much internet your steam dopwnload takes

Try downloading a 1080p Youtube video with some of the (many) available services and divide by length to get an average bitrate (or check the bitrate directly with some tool - your connection simply needs to be able to handle the audio+video bitrate). ... More

how to build a negative ion generator

24/05/2007 · Unless you're building one of these, or perhaps even one of these, a home ion generator is not going to do you much good. The science on negative … ... More

how to clear phone ram

How to Use iConeFone to Easily Optimize iPhone RAM Memory. Connect iOS dvice to your PC via a USB cable. When the program detects your devices, click on "Speedup & Clean". ... More

how to draw a desert camel and a desert

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Desert Rain Frog in just a few quick steps, but first… Desert Rain Frogs like sand. They like sand so much they are almost always covered in it. Desert Rain Frogs live in South Africa. The frogs are fat and short. They have short legs ... More

how to choose bwtween foxtel stan and netflix

log in to itunes using your account on your brothers phone, download netflix, once downloaded, log in and sign up for netflix using your expired account details, when you … ... More

how to build your social media presence

How to Build an Ethical Social Media Presence By Mariana Plata, MSc on 1/2/19 - 1:01 PM I began my social media adventure about a year ago. I decided that I had much to share on a variety of topics, but not a wide enough medium to do so. ... More

how to call singapore from malaysia using telekom

in Telekom Malaysia 07/09/2009 4 Comments 8,638 Views I have been asked by a number of people regarding alternative ways to contact Telekom Malaysia. Imagine your TM phone line is not working and the only possible way to contact TM is dialing 100 via TM fixed line. ... More

how to change router dns mac

Routers both modern and antiquated allow users to set static IP addresses for devices on the network, but what’s the practical use of static IP addresses for a home user? ... More

how to build a granny flat yourself

Cheap Granny Flats- How to Build a Granny Flat on a Tight Budget Here are some helpful tips on how to plan, design and build cheap granny flats in Sydney and NSW. Please note that this is not for everyone and its certainly not the best way to get a granny flat built on most properties. ... More

how to add pictures to lightroom

The scenario was this: I needed to add the same keyword to a number of photos all at once. While you can do this as you import the images, sometimes you’ll be importing images which shouldn’t all have the same keywords so doing it in Lightroom later on makes more sense. ... More

how to become mma fighter in malaysia

As an MMA gear supplier, in order to have a legal exemption from paying sales tax, you must apply with your state tax board of equalization office to obtain a reseller's permit or tax ID number ... More

how to make aquarium water clear

23/01/2014 You may find your aquarium gets murky a few weeks after you have changed the water. This guide details four steps to help keep your aquarium clean all the time and achieve a steady ecological state. This guide details four steps to help keep your aquarium clean all the time and achieve a steady ecological state. ... More

how to change update instalation location

You have to set manual update (you don't have to stop the service, just be sure it is not using the folder), move the folder to the different drive and set the symlink. After that it is even possible to detach that drive. I prefer the native solutions either. ... More

how to become a trichologist uk

The World Trichology Society is an organization dedicated to educating, supporting and promoting trichologists worldwide. It was first formed to help the modern trichologist become better equipped to deal with the continued evolvement of the field of trichology into the 21st century. ... More

how to create movement in blender

All i want is to move a creation i made in unity and send it to a blender file so i can make animations on it cause i dont want to make animations straight from unity cause im not good with it. thats it... ... More

how to create a colour scheme

Infographics about high-end or exclusive products or services. Black is a color associated with luxury, but it’s difficult to apply in an infographic without creating a depressing mood. ... More

how to download photos from usb to computer

You don't have to operate the USB. Follow the directions on the computer. First, Click the "Copy Pictures to a Folder on My Computer Using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard" and select "OK". The next thing you have to do is to choose pictures to copy on the USB. You can select pictures you want to remove, and then click the "Next" button. Decide a name for this group of pictures and click ... More

how to draw santa in his sleigh step by step

1400x1830 How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus And Reindeer Easy Step By Step. 215x382 How To Draw Reindeer, Santa, Christmas, Easy Step By Step Drawing . 480x360 How To Draw Santa And His Reindeer Drawing Tutorial For Kids. 400x400 How To Draw Santa Clause Amp Reindeers And Flying Sleigh. 600x827 How To Draw A Reindeer By Diana Huang On Santa. 1280x720 How To Draw Santa ... More

how to draw a face step by step printable

How to Draw Skull Easy printable step by step drawing sheet : . Visit. Discover ideas about Easy Skull Drawings "How to Draw a Face - 25 Step by Step Drawings and Video Tutorials" "How to Draw a Face : Here’s a simple way to place the features accurately when drawing a head." "Different angles of head/ portraits with some proportional help. Muscular views of a … ... More

how to create online businesses using hacks

We have collected 100 most practical life hacks into this one big list. By tweaking little things in your daily life, it can make your life much easier. By tweaking little things in your daily life, it can make … ... More

how to connect mac to tv with usb

In order for you to connect iPhone4S to the TV that you have, you need to have what is called Apple TV. This is a separate hardware that will allow you to view your iPhone Screen to your Televison. This is a separate hardware that will allow you to view your iPhone Screen to your Televison. ... More

how to eat a sugar free diet uk

Earlier in this series, I explained the thinking behind my new Blood Sugar Diet, which can reverse both pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. This is a bold and radical plan that involves eating 800 ... More

how to change your nail type

To become a nail technician, you will need to have a high school diploma or GED, be at least 16 or 17 years old, complete a nail technology or manicure program, and pass a licensing exam. You can complete a three-month certificate course in nail technology, or you may choose to pursue an associate's degree in cosmetology, which can take one to two years to complete. ... More

gross pollutant trap how to build

The existing open gross pollutant trap (GPT) will be extended in place of the planned additional GPT and diversion pipe. The treatment area has been divided into two sections to eliminate the need to re-lay an existing stormwater pipe. ... More

how to delete an account on microsoft windows 10 is an independent online technical support provider website offering remote tech support services for third party brands, products and services. we offers paid support assistance for brands, products and services with which we have no direct or indirect affiliation unless such relationship is expressly specified. ... More

how to build a wooden multiple guitar stand

The stand was a fun challenge as I worked out the curves and How to Make a Folding Guitar Stand that would fold flat for travel. In my ever constant mission to use up scrap wood, I grabbed an old ironing board that was rescued on trash day in our neighborhood. It had a … ... More

how to draw on touch screen laptop

25/08/2013 · Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits. This will help you to achieve mastery in a very short period of time. All of these break down into 5 lessons of realistic facial features drawing. ... More

how to change furnace filter

How to Change the Air Filter in Your Home By: Danny Lipford . It’s important to replace the air filter on your central heating/cooling system every one to three months to keep the system operating efficiently. Open the return cover and remove the old filter. Then replace it with a new one that is sized to fit the opening, being sure to orient it so the airflow arrow is pointing in toward the ... More

how to delete sync up

SyncUP was not properly or completely installed previously. Windows system is unable to locate the default uninstaller of the program. Some of the program file has been deleted mistakenly. ... More

how to add superscript 1 in excel

This Excel VBA macro tutorial shows you how to add subscript and superscript formatting to cell contents using VBA. As well, this tutorial also covers how to remove subscript and superscript formatting with a macro in Excel. ... More

how to add ssd to asus zenbook

Asus knows this, and so its new entry into the market, the ZenBook Flip 14, offers the same ability to flip the display around to table mode but with a new twist. Specifically, the machine ... More

how to permanently delete files from my laptop

It can delete selected files and folders, an entire drive or even an entire partition from your computer. So, please make sure to have a full backup of your data before using this computer because no data recovery program can even retrieve these deleted files again. ... More

how to create a truck mod euro truck simulator 2

Top 20 modifications for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.32, October 2018! In this video we take a look at truck, trailer, graphics and other gameplay enhancing mods for ETS2. In this video we take a look at truck, trailer, graphics and other gameplay enhancing mods for ETS2. ... More

how to buy domain from google

NameCheap and Godaddy, Here Comes New Contender! There is a new domain daddy in town. Google is very serious about domain business. Google wants to complete blogger with Google domains. ... More

how to clean a dog whistle

Dog Whistle Politics ex plains how politicians backed by concentrated wealth manipulate racial appeals to win elections and also to win support for regressive policies that help corporations and the super-rich, and in the process wreck the ... More

how to clean humidifier on furnace

Lift the portion of the Honeywell humidifier that covers the filter of the humidifier base. Wipe the outside of this cover with a damp cloth, being careful not to get any water into the motor or the control knob. Wipe the inside of the cover with a dry cloth if it appears to be dusty. ... More

how to build malphite top s5

KZ Khan RENEKTON vs MALPHITE Top - Patch 8.8 KR Ranked. 52 Videos. Subscribe 22,548,145 2,729,347 views renekton lol renekton renekton guide renekton korea renekton challenger renekton build renekton runes renekton vs malphite khan renekton kz khan renekton top lane season 8 patch 8.8 LOL Replays Collection league of legends khan malphite. Google AdSense ... More

how to build a lego shopping mall

This is a LEGO Heartlake Shopping Mall Set from 2014. This LEGO Friends set contains 1214 pieces including 4 minifigs. This LEGO Friends set contains 1214 pieces including 4 minifigs. Statistics ... More

how to become a male witch

21/01/2012 · Witches will display inappropriate responses, such as laughing at funerals, becoming angry or jealous at the birth of a new child, and/or laughing and taking joy in the suffering of others. 7.) There are multiple other tricks to determine if a person is a witch. ... More

how to change to bit ly link

Sometimes a title isnt created for a Bitlink because there wasnt a title to pull. When this happens, you may find an ugly string of numbers and letters for the title. ... More

how to delete chive account

Glassdoor has 27 Chive Media Group reviews submitted anonymously by Chive Media Group employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Chive Media Group is right for you. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Chive … ... More

how to create a video gif in premier pro

We need a video editor for wedding ceremonies and party, and short clip like best moments and trailer, we need a person with a lot of skill in adobe product like, premiere pro ... More

how to create a website with widgets

Step 1: Click on Web Integration on the left-side menu. Step 2: Click on New Web Widget on the top-right to start creating your web widget. Step 3: Fill in the form in the modal window to configure your widget. ... More

how to make mirage island appear in pokemon emerald

Birth Island is one of the Sevii Islands and is the home to the Legendary Pokémon, Deoxys in FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald. To get to Birth Island, the player character needs the Aurora Ticket event item. This item is sometimes called Nine Island because it is the ninth in the chain of islands... ... More

how to buy a blunt wrap

Traditionally, people will empty a cigarillo to wrap the blunt but you can buy empty wraps to wrap your blunt. If you are emptying a cigarillo, use a blade to split it open lengthwise or use your fingers if you’ve got the right touch to crack it open. Empty the tobaccos once you split the cigar opened and discard it or save it for another time. If you choose the wraps specifically made for ... More

how to cut sage from plant

Tackle Russian sage pruning with confidence. It can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of pruning Russian sage, your plants will grow stronger and fuller—and stage a prettier flower show. ... More

how to break into the video game industry

"Ernest Adams has been around the gaming block many times; his industry insights coupled with the developer war stories should give any aspirant that extra edge to break into the game industry." ... More

how to change line stroke lines photoshop

26/01/2018 · but i'd really like to know how to make a simple dashed line in photoshop. if you select the line tool and mess with fill stroke, pt, and the dash gap dash gap settings -- well -- the result just appears to be a mess. ... More

how to cook pheasant jamie oliver

For the confit legs: 1. Remove legs and breast from pheasant. Place breast aside. 2. Season legs with salt and pepper, place in a deep sided pot, cover with vegetable oil and put on a low heat on the hob and cook gently for an hour. ... More

how to create a smurf attack

How a Smurf Attack Works Smurf attacks are a type of denial of service attack, in which the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and broadcasts are being exploited. Normal ICMP requests (commonly referred to as pings) are used to verify network connectivity. ... More

how to clean dishwasher with white vinegar

28/11/2018 Place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Put the dish racks and other components back in the dishwasher if you took them out for cleaning. Then, choose a dishwasher-safe container such as a bowl or measuring cup. Fill it with up to 2 cups (470 mL) of vinegar for a safe and efficient way to give your dishwasher a deep cleaning. Vinegar is effective at removing stubborn grease ... More

how to build a mudroom bench with cubbies

Building a mudroom bench how to build an entry with cubbies and hooks part one is one of our best images of building a mudroom bench and its resolution is 625x945 pixels. ... More

how to free c drive

26/07/2011 · i will show you how to free space on your computer dive so it will run faster and more smoothly... Comment, Rate, SUBSCRIBE!! ... More

how to draw the first fleet

Who was Governor Arthur Phillip? The life, achievements and legacy of Arthur Phillip were honoured at a series of commemorative events in 2014. Phillip was the founding Governor of the Colony of New South Wales and 2014 marked the 200th anniversary of his death at his home in Bath, England, on 31 August 1814. As Commander of the First Fleet, Captain Arthur Phillip led 11 ships, some little ... More

how to clean white vinyl

After time, though, your vinyl fence may begin to build up dirt, algae and grime on it taking away from that nice and clean look it came with. Lucky for you, it is very easy to clean and if you choose to maintain your vinyl fence it will last for decades. ... More

how to draw a 3d birthday cake

6/03/2016 · 3D Drawing Chocolate cake, Trick Art, Optical Illusion, Faber-Castell pencils An attempt to simulate reality, I hope you like it, please like comment and subscribe. ... More

how to add calendar in excel

8/07/2015 · Next, add some clipart images to decorate your calendar. Select Insert > Illustrations > Online Pictures again, type Summer in the search box, then choose from the … ... More

how to create edition at play

switch to the US edition switch to the UK edition switch to the Australia edition switch to the International edition How the EU can make the internet play fair with musicians This week’s ... More

how to cut roof trusses post build

Cut a 45-degree angle at each end for a 12:12 roof (a roof that rises 12 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontally) to create a really spacious attic. This is the steepest commonly built roof. ... More

how to develop a study mentality

An excerpt from the introduction, "The Paradox of Growth." Growth creates complexity, and complexity is the silent killer of growth. This paradox explains why only about one company in nine has sustained more than a minimum level of profitable growth during the past decade, and why 85 percent of ... More

how to connect nintendo 64 to tv antenna

6/03/2013 · So my husband just got a new LCD tv and when I unpacked my N64 and Ps2 and go to hook them up, I discover no A/V input on this tv. The only things it has are HDMI, PC In, Cable/Antenna … ... More

how to change your brand name on amazon

The brand name you suggested can definitely be used for selling in multiple categories (especially novelty), and it’s quite common for sellers to use the brand name as their display name on Amazon too. The only argument for the display name could be that it’s not necessarily pointing to a particular feature or business model or deals, but then again, most brand names aren’t, so go for it ... More

how to delete videos from icloud on ipad

When you delete a conversation or message on one device, its deleted on all devices where Messages in iCloud is enabled. Deleting an entire conversation on your iPhone or iPad displays a ... More

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how to draw a stick man

How to draw a stick insect (not a stick) Published on: 14 February 2018 Author: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros. Chris Naylor-Ballesteros's hilarious picture book I Love You, Stick Insect tells the tale of Stick Insect, who falls head over heels in love with another stick insect.

how to become a successful athlete

A FOCUS ON OUR WEAKNESSES It is human nature to want to do things at which we are best. Many kids choose sports based on where they find the earliest success and thus get the most praise for being

how to buy ginger root

How to Dehydrate Ginger Root and Make Ginger Powder This post may contain affiliate links , including Using links to these sites means I may earn a small percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you.

how to build a portable indoor shower

5/05/2017 · Download Image. Portable Indoor Shower - Portable Indoor Shower Two inch drain pipe in floor. Hole drilled with 2 3/8 hole saw. 2" PVC All Plastic Snap In shower …

how to move steam games to external hard drive

So I have an SSD (which I have my OS on) and an external hard drive. I have my steam and steam games installed on the external hard drive. Some of the

how to not binge drink

How to stop binge drinking. Binge drinking entails a hazardous pattern of extreme alcohol use. Generally, your blood alcohol level (BAL) will have to increase to 0.08 percentage points or over after binge drinking.

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Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H4

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Paisley SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B1

Wales: Newport WAL, Swansea WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D5